I help hidden Stars, like you, step onto the world’s stage and create powerful, lasting celebrity while getting the 4 C’s: Credibility, Celebrity, Clients, & Cash!

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“Brielle coached me in the creation of my five part series on generational scarcity, leading up to my Thrive Global feature, which allowed me to connect with my clients on a deeper level and get TONS of new, valuable additions to my email list”

-Merel Kriegsman, Business Mentor



“I have taken many online trainings, & group programs, and Brielle’s was by far the BEST! I took away actionable steps, that have turned into results!”

Becky Barror, Life Coach

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Are you the best at what you do,

but also the best kept secret in town?

I will show you how you can become the go-to credible authority in your niche market!

“I have a renewed sense of business clarity, I’ve booked a Speaking Engagement that I’m super excited about, and I am now equipped with all of the tools to move forward and pursue Publicity at a higher level! I wouldn’t have done it without Brielle!”

Kristie Crenshaw,

Life Coach & Interview Expert

“Brielle has helped me to get Publicity and Media Exposure on podcasts, radio, television, and in print. She has helped to transform my celebrity from only based on my professional alpine ski racing career to the creation and promotion of my passion and charitable foundation: Fiercely Female.” 

Abigail Murer,

Professional Alpine Ski Racer

Do you know, in your heart, that you are meant to share your story on a larger stage? Do you have the star quality and  a burning desire to become an influencer in your niche market or for your cause?

If you’re an entrepreneur, coach, expert, service provider or advocate with a desire to START A MOVEMENT, CREATE LASTING & POWERFUL CELEBRITY, OR CHANGE THE WORLD then you’re in the right place.I help women like you get the 4 C’s (Credibility, Celebrity, Clients, & Cash) and get media features, book podcast interviews, speaking engagements, television appearances and more.

My signature approach will help you to get publicity and engage your audience on a whole new level; allowing them to truly connect with you. They will be eager to see your messaging and begging for the opportunity to do business with you! Do you know you have that Star Quality, but just don’t know where to start or what media opportunities will let you shine?


More About Brielle:

For the better part of the last decade, I have helped authors, athletes, advocates and professionals create the careers of their dreams and become celebrities in their niche.  I have helped curate strategic connections, ghost author books, craft and book speaking tours, write web and sales copy, author articles, as well as pitch and secure amazing national and international media coverage for my clients.

I am a mother of two and a survivor of attempted murder and domestic violence.  That day changed my life forever, and it has changed the focus of my career.  I now create meaningful celebrity that lasts for women with a cause!

How To Work With Brielle, Publicity Expert:

Do you have Star Quality, and know that you were born to make a big impact in this world?


Are you yearning to share your message on the World’s Stage? You’ve got the story, and with my help you will be able to start a movement, position yourself as a thought leader, celebrity, change-maker, or credible authority in your niche.  I help female entrepreneurs create lasting, powerful celebrity. How?

Unearthing, Defining and Refining your Breakthrough Story, Carefully Crafting your Foundation of Success, Exploding in to Celebrity Status in your niche, Utilizing Pre & Post Publicity Strategies.  Are you ready to Shine? Let’s discuss you joining one of my Exclusive  Programs or my Private Client Group.

“Brielle got me INTERNATIONAL coverage quickly, provided expert guidance on the entire process, and created a professional media bio for me, and now I have more beautiful media logos for my website!”

-Rene Serbon, Skin Expert


Brielle not only helped with writing my book, but she also booked paid speaking engagements for me, which propelled my public speaking and consulting career onto the path I had always dreamed of!

Brian Doherty, Public Speaker and Award Winning Author

Besides helping clients create the 4 C’s: Credibility, Celebrity, Clients, & Cash….here are 12 totally unrelated, fun facts:

1. I once hosted the Taste of Home Cooking Show.

2. I have performed the national anthem more than a dozen times.

3. I am a World’s Champion Equestrian.

4. I am a former national spokesperson for PATH International, formerly the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association.

5. I once threw out the first pitch at a professional baseball game.

6. I received a coveted invitation to the International Society of Debutantes.

7. I am a former Mrs. Indiana.

8.. I served as the State Director of the Indiana Lifesmarts Competition

9. I have been featured or keynote speaker at more than 30 events & conferences.

10. I have appeared in multiple television commercials.

11. I live on a horse farm with my children and fiance.

12. I coach my son’s basketball team.

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